Numbers Speak for Themselves

The Eco-Friendly Landscape uses less water, requires fewer hours of labor, and results in less green waste.
Outdoor water use accounts for more than half of all residential water use in the Sacramento region.
Landscaping has costs and besides hitting us in our wallets, landscaping also significantly impacts human
and pet health, the environment, and strains public infrastructure.

Before and after-
conventional landscape
converted to a River-
Friendly Landscape

River Friendly Benefits Calculator

Based on guiding principles similar to the Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs for the New California Landscape,
the RFL calculator is an interactive tool that helps you compare a conventional landscape next to yours and a
River-Friendly Landscape.

A wealth of information is available to demonstrate just how much you can save.
Read on to see data from three of these resources:

Visit the Regional Water Authority's website,, to learn about incentive programs that your
water provider may offer.

Roseville Cash for Grass
Be Water Smart