Conforms with the guiding principles of Eco-Friendly Landscaping

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There is something for everyone in this landscape. It
offers sophisticated style, Mediterranean-type plant
palette, and flow-through design for easy access to all
parts of theproperty for maximum entertaining, gaming,
and relaxing.

Front Yard

  • The curved entry walkway guides visitors through a small grove of
    trees, creating a “mini” urban park-like setting. Because this front
    yard has south-southwestern sun exposure, the trees provide
    welcome shade.
  • Walkways made of permeable pavers enables water from
    downspouts and rain events to soak into the soil beneath.
  • Gentle mounding and contours in the soil help direct storm water to
    permeable surfaces and planting areas.
  • A downspout is extended to the dry creek bed, created with local
    rock, to slow down the flow of water across the landscape.

Back Yard

  • A large patio created with permeable pavers features a retractable
    overhead shade structure made of billowy fabric that slides along
    a wire cable system. Individual retractable sections give flexibility
    to have fabric extended to different lengths and coverage needed
    based on the time of year and the sun’s position. Another benefit of
    this retractable cover is that it keeps the patio cooler in summer and
    lets in the warmth of the sun during the winter months.
  • For its efficient use of water, a natural stone re-circulating water
    feature offers the soothing sound of moving water and a cooling
    effect from the glistening green and blue colors of the recycled glass
    around the feature’s base. It is strategically placed near both patios
    so it can be enjoyed from the dining area and the fireside seating
  • Arbors are constructed of wood with the FSC label (Forest
    Stewardship Council) to ensure the responsible management of our
  • The ample-sized lawn beckons recreation, such as playing
    horseshoes, bad mitten, croquet, football, and other sports.
  • Gentle mounding and contours in the soil help direct storm water to
    permeable surfaces and planting areas.


  • Plants selected for this landscape are appropriate for the
    Sacramento Region and come from world-wide Mediterranean-
    type climates, including much of California and Northwestern Baja,
    Western & Southern Australia, South African Cape, Mediterranean
    Sea area, and the West Coast of Chile.
  • Plants, such as the Marina Strawberry Tree (Arbutus ‘Marina’), were
    selected for their vibrant, year-round color and seasonal interest.
    The Marina Strawberry Tree has clusters of urn-shaped rosy-pink fall
    flowers, clusters of red-orange fruit with a strawberry-like texture in
    fall, rich evergreen leaves with red stems, and rich cinnamon-brown
    peeling bark.
  • Maintaining the lawn at a height of 2-1/2 to 3-1/3 inches encourages
    deeper rooting and keeps the soil and thus the roots cooler.
  • By using a mulching mower, grass blades are cut into fine pieces
    that remain on the lawn’s surface, yet quickly breaking down,
    releasing nutrients back into the soil.
  • Natural wood mulch on the soil’s surface in planting areas helps
    to reduce weed growth, retain soil moisture, moderate the soil’s
    temperature, reduce erosion, protect the soil from compaction, and
    add organic matter that feeds beneficial soil organisms.


  • Irrigation optimized for peak water efficiency.
  • Valve zones are apportioned into “hydrozones”, where plants of
    similar water needs are grouped together, and watered at the same
  • The lawn sprinklers use high-efficiency nozzles.
  • All plants are watered with “inline” drip tubing with built-in emitters.
  • A smart, weather-based controller is utilized for daily adjustment of
    the irrigation schedule to respond to changes in the weather.
  • Multiple flush points are specified for easier maintenance of the drip
  • During unusually dry winters and in drought conditions,
    supplemental watering may be necessary, especially for California
    natives and plants in rain gardens, because these plants rely on winter
    rains to sustain themselves.