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Make Your Landscape More Drought Tolerant

Is your landscape

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The Seven Principles of
River-Friendly Landscaping

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Is your landscape

Use our benefits calculator to find out.




Check out the following for beautiful examples of River-Friendly Landscaping:

River-Friendly Landscaping (RFL) is…

an environmentally friendly way of gardening. River-Friendly Landscaping practices are designed to help you create a healthy, beautiful, vibrant yard while conserving water, reducing yard waste, and preventing pollution of our air and local rivers. This approach to gardening includes:

Landscaping locally — Work with nature, rather than against it

Nurturing soil health — Promote healthy soil to support healthy plants

Creating and protecting wildlife habitat — Provide shelter and water to local habitat

Landscaping for less to the landfill — Reduce yard waste which helps conserve landfill space

Conserving water — Preserve water for future generations

Conserving energy — Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels

Protecting air and water quality — Keep pollutants out of our water and air

Need help in finding the right plants for your garden or landscape? Whether you’re planning to build a rain garden or want to incorporate water-efficient plants in your garden or landscape, click here to find resources that can help you identify suitable plants for the Sacramento region.

Not a gardener?
Hire a qualified Green Gardener to make your yard River-Friendly!

Check out the newly renovated River-Friendly Inspiration Garden!

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Check out an interview about the River-Friendly Landscaping Program with On-Air personality Kat Maudru from 96.9 Eagle. In this interview, Dave Tamayo of the Sacramento County Stormwater Quality Program talks about the economic and environmental benefits that residents can achieve by practicing River Friendly Landscaping.