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River-Friendly Landscaping is…

an environmentally friendly way of gardening. River-Friendly Landscaping practices are designed to conserve water, reduce yard waste, and prevent pollution of our air and local rivers.


Benefits to you:

  • Saves money by reducing water, fertilizer, and pesticide use
  • Requires less maintenance such as mowing and trimming
  • Reduces yard waste
  • Attracts wonderful birds and butterflies to your garden

Benefits to the community and the environment:

  • Saves landfill space
  • Reduces air pollution by reducing the amount of yard waste that is transported to the landfill
  • Improves water quality by reducing pollution


Check out the following for examples of River-Friendly Landscaping:

About Us

River-Friendly Landscaping Coalition

The River-Friendly Landscaping Coalition is a collaboration between public agencies, non-profit organizations, designers, private landscape architects, and contractors in the Greater Sacramento Region.

The vision of the coalition is to improve the health of communities and ecosystems through sustainable landscaping in the Sacramento Valley and surrounding foothills.

The mission of the River-Friendly Landscaping Coalition is to provide individuals, businesses, and institutions access to information, resources, and ideas so that landscapes are designed, built, and maintained according to the sustainable practices of the River-Friendly Landscaping principles.

Coalition members:

The Seven Principles of
River-Friendly Landscaping

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