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River-Friendly Landscaping Resources

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Below are some key information resources available from the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership and other promoters of ecologically friendly landscaping practices. Downloadable documents and posters are also available.

FOR LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONALS — Get training in River-Friendly Landscaping principles by becoming a Green Gardener.

FOR HOMEOWNERS — Find a Qualified Green Gardener professional who has been trained on River-Friendly Landscaping principles.

EcoLandscape CAThe Ecolandscape Conference in the Sacramento area is a great opportunity to hear first hand from leaders in the industry. ELC offers the Green Gardener at Home and for the professional Training programs, and many more educational opportunities and resources. EcoLandscape California. is a program of the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, and the creator of the Bay Friendly Landscaping Guidelines, upon which River-Friendly is based. has a wealth of additional information available for download on its website.

IPM Access, based in Eugene Oregon, has a very useful website with practical information on incorporating Integrated Pest Management in landscaping design and maintenance practices.

Our Water Our World and WaterWise are two programs supported by the Sacramento Stormwater Partnership that provide useful information for managing pests in Sacramento area landscapes. These programs distribute information through retail outlets, and the internet. Water Wise also provides help through the Sacramento Master Gardeners who can answer specific questions during business hours at (916) 875-6913. Our Water Our World provides individual assistance on pest management issues through Ask the Expert (, which links to the Bio-Integral Resource Center (

The University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program has a lot of information on IPM for landscapes, especially in its Pest Notes, and Turf sections.

UC Davis Arboretum — Check out the Arboretum's gardening section for information on sustainable gardening for the Central Valley. Learn about the 100 Arboretum All-Stars — easy to grow plants that don't need a lot of water.

RWA : Regional Water AuthorityThe Regional Water Authority has a website to help you select plants for your River-Friendly Landscape:  

Soil Born Farms ( Urban Agriculture and Education project's mission is to create an urban agriculture and education project that empowers youth and adults to discover and participate in a local food system that encourages healthy living, nurtures the environment and grows a sustainable community.

City of Roseville Utility Exploration Center — The Utility Exploration Center offers low-cost, fun, information-packed classes for all ages, including green gardening classes on the first and third Saturday of every month. Workshop categories include Gardening, Landscaping and Irrigation; Composting and Vermicomposting; Energy Efficiency; Green Shopping; and Children’s Programs. The workshops are being taught by regional experts in their fields, including the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Placer County Master Gardeners.

Documents for Download

NOTE: All users have permission to print out a few copies of the RFL documents from the PDFs on this page. If you intend to have documents printed for distribution, please contact us. Your local public agencies, city, county, or Resource Conservation District may be able to help with the printing cost of documents used in classes, workshops or training.

The following documents and posters are available for download. All files are PDFs.

For Professionals

Download a PDF version of River Friendly Landscape GuidelinesRiver-Friendly Landscape Guidelines Based on a successful publication for Bay Area landscapes from, we have created this 60+ page booklet.

Download a PDF versionSustainable Design and Maintenance Practices
for Park Landscapes
(PDF, 14.9 Mb)

For Homeowners

The River-Friendly Landscaping Coalition has created these brochures for the homeowner.

Download a PDF version of River-Friendly Landscaping at HomeRiver-Friendly Landscaping at Home (PDF, 3.8 Mb), a free brochure describing the general principles of River-Friendly Landscaping and giving specific tips for quick and easy ways for homeowners to implement a few River-Friendly practices that make a big difference.

Download a PDF version of Choosing a Landscape ProfessionalChoosing a Landscape Professional — (PDF, 420 Kb) for those who want to hire a professional who follows River-Friendly landscaping principles.

For all

Download a PDF version of River-Friendly Landscaping at HomeMulching and Grasscycling Guide


Posters for Download

The following posters are also available for download as PDFs:

Poster: Healthy Soil

Functions of a Healthy Living Soil
16" x 13"

Poster: The 7  Principles of RFL with RFL Wheel

The 7 Principles of River-Friendly
Landscaping with the
RFL 7 Principles Wheel
12" x 16"

Poster: Common Plant Communities

Common Plant Communities
23" x 35"

Poster: River-Friendly Landscaping Outreach

River-Friendly Landscaping
Outreach Poster

22" x 34"

Poster: Recycled Mulch

Recycled Mulch
23" x 35"

Poster: The Seven Principles of River-Friendly Landscaping

The Seven Principles of River-Friendly
Landscaping with suggestions for
accomplishing the RFL goals
18" x 24"

The River-Friendly Landscaping Coalition has created a number of documents and posters, available for download below.

Learn more about River-Friendly Landscaping principles through the many online resources listed here.

The Seven Principles of
River-Friendly Landscaping

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