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Take Action to Save Water Outdoors…
And Have a Beautiful Landscape to Show for It

by the Regional Water Authority’s Water Efficiency Program

Did you know that most water use—and water waste—occurs in the landscape? With the Sacramento region’s hot, dry climate and long summer season, more than 60 percent of a household’s yearly water use typically goes toward landscape irrigation. Of that, 30 percent is lost due to overwatering and evaporation.

The good news is that there are easy actions you can take that will both reduce your water use and create a beautiful landscape:

  • Adjust your watering schedule at least every month according to anticipated weather.
  • Stop runoff. If you see runoff, divide your total watering time in half for two shorter watering cycles.
  • Check your irrigation system every month for leaks and misdirected sprinkler heads.
  • Fix water-wasting problems in your irrigation system within 48 hours of finding them.
  • Plant low water-use trees and plants in your yard.
  • Replace or reduce lawn areas with low-water use plants.

By using water efficiently outdoors, together we can eliminate waste and preserve our precious water resources for a healthy environment and economy in the Sacramento region.

For information about using water efficiently and other ways to have a sustainable, River-Friendly landscape, contact your local water provider. 

Is your landscape River-Friendly?
Use our benefits calculator to find out.

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